When to Miss a Funeral Service

Posted on March 14, 2022 by Admin under Funeral Home
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Going to the funeral or memorial service of a loved one is something that can let you get the closure you need. There are some instances, however, when going to the service might not be the best idea. If you want to be sure to consider what the best option for you is, there are some special circumstances to consider. Here are the things directors of funeral homes in Essexville, MI wants you to consider.

If you are not sure the funeral service is open to everyone, the last thing you want to do is intrude. There are lots of people who prefer to have a private service because it can create a more intimate atmosphere. This is something that you want to remember if you have not seen information online on social media about the service or if you have not seen any mention of it in local papers. If you are not sure about whether the service is private or public, you can ask the family directly or you can reach out to loved ones who are close to the family.

Another thing you want to remember is that if you would have to travel to visit the service and you cannot afford to do so, it is perfectly acceptable not to go to the service. No one would expect you to do so if you cannot afford it or if you cannot get time off to go to the service. You can think about sending the family flower arrangements or even a care package to let them know you have them in your thoughts.

You also want to remember that if you have young children and do not have someone to watch them, you may want to skip the service. Young children have trouble sitting through long services and you do not want them to end up bothering others. Let the family know why you are missing the service.cremation services in Akron, MI

If you are sick, you also want to consider missing the service. You do not want to get worse and you also do not want to make others sick. Let the family know and consider sending them something like flower arrangements of the service or a care package.

These are some common reasons why you may think of not going to the service of a loved one. It is a tough decision to make, so do take some time to think about it. If it would be expensive for you to travel to the service or if you are not sure if the service is open to everyone, you want to consider not going. Learn more about all of these things by reaching out to an Essexville, MI funeral home like us at Skorupski Family Funeral Home & Cremation Services. We have years of experience helping people deal with the loss of loved ones. Give us a call now to learn more about what we can offer or stop by one of our locations today.